Friday, June 27, 2014

Memory wire bangle bracelets!

So much new jewelry and so little time to post!  I've been selling jewelry at events in Waikiki since the beginning of this year and every step of the way, I've had a ton of support from my family.  I definitely couldn't have grown my business without them, especially my mom, so this post is in dedication to her!  :)

For my last event, she got really excited to make and sell her own jewelry, so she created these beautiful memory wire bangle bracelets.  Customers absolutely loved them and raved about how cute they were.  Because they're made of memory wire, they're open with no clasp to fasten closed, but they still stay on your wrist and can fit any size comfortably.  These are perfect if like me, you are always challenged in trying to fasten bracelets to your own wrist and instead have to ask someone else to help you :P  They come in a variety of beautiful colors and if you don't see a combination that you like, you can message me in my shop and a custom bracelet can be made just for you.  They look great worn alone as well as stacked together with other bracelets.

I just posted the first four out of many more to come, so check back again to see the rest of them :)

Please check them out on my Etsy shop at

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