Monday, June 30, 2014


I got really excited when summer first started because I seriously thought that I would finally have some time to relax and enjoy myself but of course, with the way that I am, I started packing my schedule with things and I'm now finding myself to be busier than ever!  *sigh* It doesn't help that my master's program has started, so I've been going crazy spending hours studying every single day :P

Anyway...when I'm really busy and tired, I think I have a tendency to get grouchy and negative so lately, I've been all about trying to remind myself to take a break and appreciate everything that I have :)  My schedule was a little busy today and I had to rush to the store to pick up something.  Normally, driving can really stress me out especially when I feel like I'm racing against the clock but while I was stopped at a signal light today, I realized just how gorgeous my view was and I realized that I'm so fortunate to be able to live in paradise even though it can get a little crazy sometimes!  I think if this was my view all of the time, I wouldn't mind being stuck in traffic as much!

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