Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's been a long time...again...

When the school year first started earlier this year, things got so busy that I ended up having to take a break from blogging.  Several weeks (or was it months?!?!) later, I told myself that I would do my best to keep up with regular blogging, but I obviously haven't been able to keep to that promise.  It's been a daily battle just to get up and face my day every morning, especially now that I've gotten so busy that I'm only managing to get a few hours of sleep every night.  Getting your Master's Degree, teaching 8th grade English, running your own handcraft business, and keeping up with family and boyfriend time is no easy feat.  I swear, time is probably the most precious and most priceless commodity that you could never buy.

I have this tendency to try to spruce up my outward appearance everytime I start to feel a little down on myself on the inside.  This time around, I decided that I've had long hair for way too long and it was time for a change!  My last two stylists refused to cut my hair because they insisted that it was too pretty to cut off, so I finally got annoyed and went back to my stylist from years ago.  As soon as I told her to chop it, she got straight to it and I could feel the scissors at the back of my neck.

So, here's to a new me!  Even though I don't have the option of tying my hair up or curling it anymore, I gotta say that I am loving the reduced time that it takes to wash and dry it everyday.  Here's a recent shot of my mom and I while we were selling jewelry at a local event...

And here's my family Christmas tree that I got a chance to decorate all by myself!  :D  I love Christmas!

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